CSGO Osiris Cheat

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CSGO Osiris Cheat 
Возможности чита:

➨Aimbot - aim assistance

✧Enable - on / off master switch
✧Silent - aimbot is not visible on your screen (client-sided only)
✧Visible only - aim only on visible players
✧Auto shot - shoot automatically when target found
✧Fov - field-of-view which aimbot operates [0-255]
✧Smooth - smooth aimbot movement in order to seem more human-like
✧Bone - bone which aimbot aims at
✧Recoil control x - horizontal recoil control factor
✧Recoil control y - vertical recoil control factor

➨Triggerbot - automatically fires when crosshair is on enemy

✧Enable - on / off triggerbot master switch
✧On key [ key ] - triggerbot works only when chosen key is being held
✧Shot delay - delay time in ms (milliseconds)

➨Glow - render glow effect on entities

✧Enable - on / off master switch
✧Thickness - outline thickness
✧Alpha - outline alpha
✧Style - glow style [0-3]
✧Allies - glow allies entities
✧Enemies - glow enemies entities
✧Weapons - glow dropped weapons
✧C4 - glow dropped C4 explosive
✧Planted C4 - glow planted bomb
✧Chickens - glow chickens entities

➨Chams - color player models to improve visibility

✧Enable - on / off master switch
✧Alpha - material transparency
✧Wireframe - render triangle mesh instead of solid material
✧Allies - allies chams on / off and color applied to them
✧Visible allies - visible allies chams on / off and color applied to them
✧Enemies - enemies chams on / off and color applied to them
✧Visible enemies - visible enemies chams on / off and color applied to them
✧Weapons - view model weapons chams on / off and color applied to them
✧Hands - view model hands chams on / off and color applied to them

➨Visuals - miscellaneous visual options

✧Disable post-processing - disable post-processing effects in order to increase FPS
✧Inverse ragdoll gravity - inverse gravitational acceleration on falling player ragdoll corpse (during death sequence)
✧No sleeves - removes sleeves model from first-person view
✧No hands - removes arms / hands model from first-person view
✧No weapons - removes weapons model from first-person view
✧No smoke - remove smoke grenade effect
✧No blur - remove blur
✧No scope overlay - remove black overlay while scoping
✧Wireframe smoke - render smoke skeleton instead of particle effect
✧Flash reduction - reduces flashbang grenade effect [0-100%] (0 - full flash, 100 - no flash)
✧View model FOV - change view model FOV [-60-0-60] (0 - actual view model, negative values - decreased view model, positive values - increased view model)
✧Brightness - control game brightness [0.0-1.0]
✧Skybox - change sky(box)
✧World color - set world material ambient light color

➨Knife changer - change knife model

✧Enabled - enable / disable knife changer
✧Knife - desired knife model

➨Misc - miscellaneous features

✧Bunny hop - automatically simulate space bar press / release while jump button is being held; increases movement speed
✧Clan tag - set custom clan tag
✧Animated clan tag - animate clan tag
✧Fast duck - remove crouch delay
✧Sniper crosshair - draw crosshair while holding sniper rifle
✧Recoil crosshair - crosshair follows recoil pattern
✧Auto pistol - add ability of firing pistols like automatic rifles
✧Spectator list - show nicknames of players spectating you
✧Watermark - show cheat name in upper-left screen corner
✧Reveal ranks - reveal player ranks in competitive modes

➨Config - configuration system based on cereal binary serialization

✧Load - load configuration file from disk
✧Save - save configuration file to disk
✧Reset - restore default configuration settings (does not touch saved configuration)

Как пользоваться:

Скачать и распаковать чит

Скачать  и распаковать инжектор (Скачать инжектор, пароль: 1234)

Откройте инжектор и введите Osiris затем нажмите EnterНажмите Insert что бы запустить меню ( INS )

Если нет кнопки "СКАЧАТЬ" Отключите все блокировщики рекламы AdBlock, Adguard Антибаннер и тд.


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